About the Author

Howdy folks,

I'm Raven Whitney, author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance.  There really isn't that much to say about me.  I'm just another broke millennial/starving artist living in her parents' horse barn.  I graduated from college with honors for my biology major and chemistry minor, but left behind a graduate education and a more stable career in academia to write the stories that have been coagulating in my brain for years.

Like many writers, my existence can be compared to Gollum's: lives in a small, dark cave (check), obsessed with a single object (my laptop, also known as "Precious", check), frequently mutters to herself (check), etc.  When not working on my family's farm or on my next book, I'm most often buried under a piles of cats and/or dogs with a book.  I enjoy reading (duh), cooking, knitting, and watching TV.  I've also recently dipped a trepidatious toe into gardening.